Joint Degree / Certificate Courses:

The Consortium for International Education (CIED) facilitates joint degree and certificate programs between universities in Africa and the United States. This means that a participating student could earn a degree from an African university and an American university simultaneously.

Joint Faculty Research:

The Joint Faculty program allows Pan-Africa International Education to build a large and focused university-based research group while also having access to the broad technical expertise and world-leading facilities of top universities in North America. Members of faculty may benefit from the ability to better collaborate, teach, and advise students between departments within a college or between departments from different colleges of participating countries.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Expansion of student’s perspectives on academic matters
  • Enhancement of students’ understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures
  • Increase of Students’ soft skills, including communication and language skills;
  • Broadening of the student’s awareness of global issues that could lead to a better understanding of international interdependence
  • Strengthening of the student’s academic resume for application to graduate schools and the job market around the world.
  • Enhanced experiential preparation for today’s job market